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Services for Insurance Companies


Services provided by “Expert Claims Adjustment”

V1. Determination of the cause of the damage
  • bInspection, damage assessment and assessment

  • Investigation into the cause of the damage

  • Determination of the extent of damage

  • Check whether claims for recourse exist. Record previous damages

  • Information and recommendations for action in dubious cases of damage

  • Mitigate damage and determine immediate measures

  • documentation

  • Development of practical renovation concepts as a basis for repairing damage

V2. Determination of the amount of damage caused by renovation and restoration
  • Determination of the extent of damage

  • Determination of dimensions/creation of measurements

  • Creation of service specifications for renovation and restoration

  • Calculation of the damage amount based on the new and current value

  • documentation

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V3. Review of offers for damage repair, construction supervision and invoice verification
  • Participation in the specialist. Damage repair

  • Checking offers, KVs and invoices

  • Creating transparent price tables

  • Participation in the awarding process

  • Quality assurance during construction

  • Supervision of renovation and reconstruction work

  • Control and monitoring of the entire claims process

  • Participation in acceptance

V4. Valuations
  • Valuation / new value / current value calculation

  • Market value determination

  • Investigations into the insured sum/value in 1914

  • Recommendations for adjustments in the event of underinsurance/overinsurance

V5. documentation
  • Inventory and data recording

  • Protocols

  • Measurement results

  • Laboratory reports

  • Photo documentation

  • Preparation of reports and appraisals

  • Damage inspection and documentation for areas that are difficult to access or not accessible through aerial photography, especially after natural events

V6. Special services

Participation as an expert in expert proceedings

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