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Planning & General-Planning

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We rely on optimized planning "Building Information Modeling" (BIM) as a model-based working method. The focus is on the digital capture, management and provision of project information,  which maps and simulates the planning, construction and operation of buildings in three dimensions in order to optimize both the processes and productivity and, at the same time, collaborationbetween the various planning participants to improve it in order to meet our high standards of economic planning.  

In addition, BIM enables a high degree of transparency for everyone involved in the project, which ensures the availability of all relevant data at all times and represents a significant component of quality, cost and planning security. 

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The decision to outsource all planning services to a general planner has various advantages that can often lead to a more efficient and better coordinated implementation of the construction project. In addition, strong project management skills are also helpful.

Here are some of the potential benefits of doing this:

  1. One contact person for the builder: The client only has one direct contact person, the general planner. This simplifies communication and coordination significantly, as all planning questions are handled via a central interface.

  2. Contract simplification: The builder only concludes one contract with the general planner, which reduces the administrative effort and simplifies the legal aspects.

  3. Coordination of planning services: The general planner is responsible for coordinating all planning services in the team. This helps identify and resolve potential conflicts early, which can increase the efficiency of the entire project.

  4. Overall responsibility: The general planner bears overall responsibility for the success of the project. This includes not only coordination, but also quality assurance and scheduling.

  5. Broad network: Through a well-established network, the general planner can access various specialist services. This enables comprehensive coverage of all necessary planning areas, from object planning to structural planning to technical equipment services.

  6. Gain in efficiency: Bundling planning services from a single source can lead to an increase in efficiency, as internal communication and coordination is easier than with several independent planners.

Thanks to our broad network, we cover almost all planning services, such as object planning, structural planning, technical equipment services (TGA), building physics calculations and other specialist planners.

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