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Structural Damage Analysis

"Building on trust: identifying and repairing damage early"

We work as “freelance experts” for the construction industry in the area of “damage to buildings” and inspect and assess construction defects and structural damage for our clients.

In addition, damage analyzes and their causes as well as cost determinations for structural damage and construction defects are made.

In the event of structural damage, we help with renovation suggestions and the entire process of repairing the damage.

Our customers are:

  • Private, public and commercial clients

  • Dishes

  • Insurance


Court and private reports

Reports play an important role in clarifying damage or defects and help prepare decisions. It is often difficult to identify the exact cause of damage as it is not always obvious. However, through experience and diagnostics, the cause and responsibility are usually determined with seriousness, objectivity and impartiality. In the event of damage, it is important to reliably determine whether the causes are due to planning, execution or material errors or a combination of various factors. In some cases it may be necessary to work with other experts or to carry out material testing in external laboratories. The reports prepared should be written in language that is understandable and understandable for laypeople and should provide a plausible and coherent justification for construction professionals.

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Our services
for insurance companies

​We support you comprehensively and competently:

  • Expert processing of property and liability damage to buildings and structures caused by

    • Storm / hail / water / tap water

    • fire

    • Mold

    • Elemental events

  • Determination of causes, assessment and evaluation of structural damage & Construction defects

  • Determination of the amount of damage

  • Development of individual concepts for the renovation of affected buildings, systems and facilities

  • Professional handling of the entire AVA process (tendering, participation in awarding and billing) 

  • Creation of meaningful and transparent price tables

  • Renovation control in the event of damage with scheduling, cost, quality and building status controls

  • Market value determination & Real estate appraisals with a focus on commercial real estate and residential construction

  • Calculation of the new values for the determination and verification of insured sums and to derive current values

  • Preservation of evidence; Assessment of the condition of existing buildings before/after construction work

“Expert claims settlement” services

Claims Management - "Step by Step"

If you are confronted with damage, the following procedure must always be observed. The cause of the damage must always be determined first before any remediation measures can begin. Practice shows that this approach is often deviated from, even though it seems logical. For example, in the case of moisture damage (mains water damage, mold infestation, etc.), renovation (drying of components, etc.) has already begun, even though the causes have not yet been determined. Additional costs, which could amount to well over 100% of the damage repair costs, could be avoided!


Indoor mold

  • Information about the formation of mold indoors

  • Living conditions for mold growth

  • Building physics processes that precede the formation of mold

  • Condensation on component surfaces

  • Moisture penetration of the components

  • The 3 relevant “sections” in the structure of a mold

  • Preventive measures against mold infestation

  • How to deal with mold growth indoors

Architektonisches Gebäude

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