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Project Controlling

"Safely through every phase: project controlling for sustainable success"

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Since the forms of acquiring a property can be very different, we offer the builder/buyer different service packages, which can be individually adapted and put together.

P1: Examination of the construction/service description and contract

Please note that this package is only useful before signing the contract!

The services include:

  • checking the quality of the planning documents

  • checking the construction or service description for weak points

  • the examination of the contracts (from a technical point of view) - the legal examination is carried out by a lawyer specializing in construction law

P2: Construction controlling in the planning stage
During the planning stage, possible construction errors should be found in good time. Construction controlling must begin at the planning stage so that it is possible to identify where future damage potential lies and where savings can be made throughout the entire construction project.

Optimizing the floor plans and critically examining the details is also an important part of construction controlling in the planning phase.

P3: Construction controlling during the award phase

During the award phase we offer the following services:

  • Review of the tender documents for all trades

  • Checking the equipment standard

  • Review of the technical standard in relation to the offer prices

  • Review of offers and award proposals

  • Review of the procurement procedure and its processes (legality, efficiency, transparency)

P4: Construction controlling during construction

During a construction inspection during the construction phase, we usually carry out four inspections of building projects with basements and document the weak points and defects.

If necessary, a “comprehensive” quality control can also be agreed, during which up to eight inspections take place.



Quality control in detail, e.g. in the areas

  • Building sealing:  before filling the work spaces in the basement or, in the case of waterproof constructions, after concreting the floor slab  

  • Drainage system: before filling the work areas

  • Shell construction work

  • Roof structure

  • Window installation 

  • Rough installation of heating, electrical and plumbing: before closing the installation shafts and before interior cleaning work

  • Etc



Construction controlling for interior construction during the execution of the finishing work, e.g. in the areas

  • Loft conversion: connections and tightness of the vapor barriers

  • Cleaning work

  • Screed work

  • Facade work - external plaster / WDVS

  • Tile work

  • Sealing of bathrooms, wet rooms and balconies

  • floor coverings

  • Etc.

P5: Construction acceptance

Support during partial acceptance and final acceptance as well as inspections before the warranty expires

P6: Construction controlling after completion of the measure

After completion of the construction project, we offer the following services:

  • Review of the total costs in relation to the planned costs

  • Determination of the insurance value

  • Determination of the actual living space (actual condition) by taking measurements on site including logging and comparison with the TARGET condition

  • final acceptance of the building

  • Examination of the construction documentation with the associated technical documents


Inspection of major projects

For large projects, we form appropriate teams and create targeted concepts with specialist engineers from the areas of construction, HVAC, air conditioning, electrical and BMS, in coordination with the client.

Acceptance usually takes place in a team of several specialists from the relevant fields (construction, building services, etc.).

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