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structural damage analysis


construction revision

general planning

risk management

quality assurance

troubleshooting on the construction project

We identify and solve problems, minimize risks and ensure agreed quality standards for your CONSTRUCTION PROJECT  

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Comprehensive construction solutions from experts

We offer a wide range of services for private and institutional clients as well as banks and insurance companies. Our expertise ranges from planning and general planning to project controlling, troubleshooting, construction auditing, risk management and construction damage analysis.

Professional project support

Our experienced team accompanies your construction projects from start to finish. Through careful project controlling, we ensure that the planned time and cost frames are adhered to. We proactively identify and solve potential problems and minimize risks in order to guarantee agreed quality standards.

Holistic consulting and analysis

Whether for ongoing projects or after the project has been completed, we offer comprehensive advice and analyses. Our experts carry out detailed construction audits, analyse construction damage and develop solutions for troubleshooting situations. We also support you with risk management in order to identify and minimise potential dangers at an early stage.

Your partner for successful construction projects

Our mission is to optimize and successfully complete your construction projects through first-class advice and professional service. With our in-depth expertise, many years of experience and a holistic approach, we are the ideal partner at your side.



Die Analyse der Daten

Risk management

Risk management is crucial in construction because construction projects are often associated with uncertainty and potential risks. Neglecting it can lead to cost overruns, time delays, quality defects and litigation. Therefore, everyone involved must understand the importance of risk management. Structured risk management helps to identify, assess and minimize risks at an early stage.

Die Mauer der Ideen


A construction audit should be part of forward-looking construction controlling and sustainable risk management of construction projects. It should not only take place in the event of concrete suspicions (ad hoc) or retrospectively (ex post) of unsuccessfully completed construction measures and investments, but is also useful during an ongoing construction project (ex ante) in order to increase the quality level in view of the external audit.


Structural Damage Analysis

As “independent experts” for the construction industry in the area of “damage to buildings”, we inspect and assess construction defects and structural damage for our clients. In addition, damage analyzes and their causes as well as cost determinations for structural damage and construction defects are made. In the event of structural damage, we help with renovation suggestions and the entire damage repair process. 

Bauarbeiten im Gange

Troubleshooting Construction Projects

The causes of “crises” in a construction project can be very complex. If you are already involved in a project conflict, we can provide you with professional support and qualified support in realigning the project goals as well as implementing and maintaining the necessary measures until the goals are achieved in order to get back into a regulated process.

Planung der Bauarbeiten

Planning / General-Planning

Through our network, we cover all planning services, such as object planning, structural planning, technical equipment services and other specialist planners. For optimized planning, we use “Building Information Modeling” (BIM), a working method particularly for optimized planning. The focus is on the digital capture, management and provision of project information, which improves collaboration between the various planning participants.

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Project Controlling

By using project controlling, planning, construction, scheduling and cost monitoring should be optimized.

In addition, structural damage, quality defects and additional costs should be avoided right from the start.

We support you in the economical, timely and contractually flawless implementation of your construction project.



The origin of today's company BERNHARD METZGER - REAL ESTATE ADVISORY is the engineering and construction expert office MIB - Dipl. Ing. (FH) Bernhard Metzger, which started its business operations in 1995.

From the original focus as an engineering and construction expert office   We have developed into a versatile consulting company in the construction industry, which, in addition to engineering and construction expert services, also offers strategic advice for investors and developers.

Main focus of



  • Troubleshooting Construction Projects

  • Construction Revision

  • Construction Damage Analysis 

  • Planning / General-Planning

  • Project Controlling



Construction audit in the construction and real estate sector

- As an important component of forward-looking controlling and sustainable risk management when implementing construction measures -

Available for free download in our shop

Anti-Fraud Management (AFM) in construction

- Prevention, detection and investigation of fraudulent actions -

Available for free download in our shop

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"We are convinced that the key to successful collaboration begins with an open conversation. Our focus is on active listening and strategic advice that is precisely tailored to the individual needs of our customers in order to find the best steps for success together Plan your project, develop and implement tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to use a partnership-based and customer-oriented approach to ensure that every collaboration with us creates added value for your project. We look forward to working with you and achieving outstanding results together!”

Dipl. Ing. (FH) civil engineer

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Unser Grundsatz


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